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Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's not supposed to be like this...

The ALCS game one was supposed to be a battle of Cy Young contestants...instead, Sabathia broke down early and never recovered. Now we have to deal with Carmona's nasty least we will be at Fenway where we have the crowd on our side. I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I am very optimistic about this series. I think the media hyped inevitable game 7 will not come to pass. I am guessing that the rockies and Sox will both have plenty of time to rest before the Fall Classic. Here's hoping (no jinxes!).

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Countdown to Opening Day

First day of Red Sox baseball is 4/2 at Kansas City Royals. Unlike last year, I will actually be posting to this site with somewhat regularity once the season is underway.
I am still in Los Angeles so catching games isn't as easy as it used to be but I do have Tivo now so that should help.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

gone for the winter

now that the '06 team is actually shaping up, i am looking forward to the new season. the games, the articles, the countless blogs... i am also looking forward to seeing some old sox team members here in town at dodger's stadium and at petco park.
just a couple more months to go! and with the world baseball classic, it should go by quickly.

Friday, September 16, 2005

i came back for this?!

my month long, self-imposed hiatus from blogging has finally come to an end... and for what? leading he yankees by 1.5 games? i guess it wouldn't be red sox baseball if it weren't nail biting. at this rate though we're not only going to lose the division but we may be squeezed out of the playoffs altogether. wouldn't that be something? cleveland is rolling, the a's are still charging (though may end up the winner in their division too). and the yankees are riding on giambi's back (where can we get our players some of the as yet undetectable steroids?) i'm not bitter though. remember those games where sveum got guys thrown out at the plate? where an injured foulke was sent to close games? bellhorn's strikeouts with bases juiced? all those things added up to a least a handful of games that could have been the cushion this team needed to put the yanks out of the picture. but as i said earlier, i guess it just wouldn't be red sox baseball if it didn't involve nausea and frustration to go along with my disbelief and exasperation.

-k rocka- where the hell are you?!?!?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

countdown to red sox at angels

just a few more days until the sox stomp some angel ass. i have tickets to friday night's game and plan on pretty much camping out to be one of the first in line. i am hell bent on getting some nice pics and an autograph or two. i am going with my uncle who is a lifelong angels fan so it will be nice to gloat.
i've been watching a couple games a week over at sonny mclean's, where the some of the sox have been known to visit when in town. this weekend though matt damon and ben affleck are taking part in some jimmy fund charity event there at $1500 a head. needless to say, i will not be attending. i may go see bronson play at a guitar shop in hollywood though. i saw him in boston, he's not too bad.
anyone else have tickets to this weekend's series?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

somebody give berroa a hug (and manny too)

berroa booted three balls (2 errors officially) and the sox roll on! we're up 4.5 games over the yanks and our immediate schedule is pretty soft. things are looking pretty good at the moment.
did anyone else have flashbacks of the damon/jackson collision today? after renteria and manny smacked into each other, renteria went down and laid on the ground like his shoulder was broken. luckily he was able to shake it off and stay in the game. with manny taking the worst of the impact, he may not be around for a couple games. i wouldn't be angry if he was on the bench for tomorrow's game against kc and possibly into the next series.
the countdown is on to the sox coming to california. i only have tickets to one of the games (friday the 19th's) but there is a good chance i will be able to get into the diamond club thanks to my uncle knowing the stadium's head chef.

anyone have the latest on bellhorn?

k-rocka you're mia! and you're going to owe me some booze since your precious orioles are stinkin' up the place.

Monday, August 01, 2005

gangster manny staying put

i'm really not sure why i let myself fall for this whole manny being traded business, the boston front office is too smart to let him go without a considerable amount in return. now we can go on with the rest of the season without worrying about any trade talk sideshows. who knows, maybe this little scare might even have done some good in bringing the club a little closer. we're already on a 5 game winning streak with kc coming to town. hopefully, we use this upcoming series to put more distance between the us and the yanks (who should have been swept by the angels).