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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

somebody give berroa a hug (and manny too)

berroa booted three balls (2 errors officially) and the sox roll on! we're up 4.5 games over the yanks and our immediate schedule is pretty soft. things are looking pretty good at the moment.
did anyone else have flashbacks of the damon/jackson collision today? after renteria and manny smacked into each other, renteria went down and laid on the ground like his shoulder was broken. luckily he was able to shake it off and stay in the game. with manny taking the worst of the impact, he may not be around for a couple games. i wouldn't be angry if he was on the bench for tomorrow's game against kc and possibly into the next series.
the countdown is on to the sox coming to california. i only have tickets to one of the games (friday the 19th's) but there is a good chance i will be able to get into the diamond club thanks to my uncle knowing the stadium's head chef.

anyone have the latest on bellhorn?

k-rocka you're mia! and you're going to owe me some booze since your precious orioles are stinkin' up the place.


Blogger Rebecca said...

rook, you asked about bellhorn.
our dear friend marky-mark is going to have an uphill battle back on the club, the way cora & graffanino have been filling in. Tito says he wants him back if bell can work out his issues at the plate, but that remains to be seen in Pawtucket.

12:57 PM

Blogger Amy said...

I'm glad. God I hate Bellhorn :)


Oh, and Seattle boy...going back on the 17th through the 22nd....whatcha doing?

6:46 AM

Blogger Rebecca said...

Might be a good day to sing your praises for the new second baseman, guys.

7:37 AM

Blogger K-Rocka said...

I know guy, I'm going to need your address to mail that bottle, unless we are still going out to boston sometime soon!

4:16 PM

Blogger Amy said...

yay...i'm only going to a game on the 17th....flying in and going straight there :)

12:19 PM

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