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Friday, September 16, 2005

i came back for this?!

my month long, self-imposed hiatus from blogging has finally come to an end... and for what? leading he yankees by 1.5 games? i guess it wouldn't be red sox baseball if it weren't nail biting. at this rate though we're not only going to lose the division but we may be squeezed out of the playoffs altogether. wouldn't that be something? cleveland is rolling, the a's are still charging (though may end up the winner in their division too). and the yankees are riding on giambi's back (where can we get our players some of the as yet undetectable steroids?) i'm not bitter though. remember those games where sveum got guys thrown out at the plate? where an injured foulke was sent to close games? bellhorn's strikeouts with bases juiced? all those things added up to a least a handful of games that could have been the cushion this team needed to put the yanks out of the picture. but as i said earlier, i guess it just wouldn't be red sox baseball if it didn't involve nausea and frustration to go along with my disbelief and exasperation.

-k rocka- where the hell are you?!?!?!


Blogger K-Rocka said...

Damn man, i just looked at the standings. What the hell is going on here???? I haven't seen a game in weeks, and look what happens!

3:22 PM

Blogger Michael Leggett said...

The Standings were changing as Giambi, became GiamBALCO, in July. All DF YANKEES had was SheffROID. 2 roid boys are better than one. & SheffROID wasn't always there.

Why do GiamBALCO & SheffROID like needles? They need something to stick in their butts.

DFYankees did it for Darryl & Doc.

2:06 AM

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